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"An inspiring approach to teaching with innovative and intelligent method of instruction, really enjoyed the tuition, thanks."

Michael Finnie




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Joining the ends of two separate fibers together is termed as a splice.

There are two splicing methods; Fusion splicing and Mechanical splicing methods.

The picture below is Fusion Splicing, one of the two methods for fiber termination using splicing.

For those who are interested in the procedure how it it is done, the picture shows the steps.

Fusion splicing is not difficult to perform at all. All you need are some trainings to know what are the tools needed and the how to perform the steps using the splicing machine. With good and clear instructions, after a few practical sessions, you should be able to start splicing on your own.   

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"Good setup, experienced trainers with relevant industry experience enchanced the effectiveness of the training and with some fun elements add in"

Wong Long Sang


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